Uncommon Makes held November 5, 2022 in the 3rd floor of Crerar library. $450 in prizes!



Uncommon Hacks is known for organizing 24-hour programming competitions (hackathons) for the UChicago community. This fall, we're doing things differently: instead of judging projects based on their functionality, we will be looking at ~design~.


Once you arrive at noon, we'll announce the theme for this year's Makes, and then quickly jump into two workshops that introduce you to two technologies that could help you make your project:
  • If you're looking to approach it more design-heavy, we will have a workshop for Figma, which is a very powerful tool for creating designs.
  • If you're looking to approach it more code-heavy, and have some background with web development, we will teach you React, which is a framework that simplifies the process of developing dynamic websites.


Once you've gotten a chance to work on your project for a couple of hours, you will be assigned a table, and will get to present your work during the project showcase. Then, we will choose winners for three categories: most creative, most sophisticated, and best designed. Each team member on the winning teams will receive a $25 gift card.

An important thing to note here is that since Makes is a designathon, your project can be literally anything! Although you will almost certainly be able to meet the prompt with a website, we welcome prototypes for creative solutions that involve the use of physical buttons, autonomous vehicles, or even a drone swarm carrying bouncy castles! In the case of these solutions, we will still expect you to present digital prototypes, but your presentation may carry more weight.

No, any member of the UChicago community is welcome to come join us!


Up to five people.

Absolutely not!

Yep! We will be handing out cash prizes to the top submissions.

A laptop will suffice πŸ’» we also highly recommend bringing a mouse!

Yes, but you need to check-in and be present at the project showcase in order to be eligible to get a prize!

November 5th, 2022 11:00 check-in, team formation

11:30 opening ceremony, β€œWhat is Design?” talk by Ashlyn Sparrow

12:00 workshop: prototyping with Figma

12:00 workshop: dynamic websites with React

1:30 lunch

2:00-4:00 work time

3:00 talk with Google software engineer

4:00 judging, project showcase

4:45 closing ceremony and prize giveaway

5:00 dinner, talk with Microsoft project manager

Meet the Team!

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About Uncommon Hacks

Uncommon Hacks is an RSO that organizes coding-related competitions on campus. Our main event is our 24-hour hackathon called Hacks, which happens during the first weekend of the Spring quarter. We love hacking together cool projects in our free time, and we can't wait to see what you create! 😁